Modern curved windows and doors in Israel

One of our most interesting projects was subsequently manufactured and fitted in 2022 in Israel.
Modern house had curved walls designed, so some of the windows, sliding doors and balustrades had to match the extraordinary outline.
Our client purchased glazed balustrades, also windows and sliding doors with interpane venetian blinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I actually prepare my house in the best way possible, ready for your windows and doors?

In terms of your site, we will need to make sure that the openings are prepared in a right way. i.e. sliding doors have to have the opening levelled up; also, if you prefer to have the threshold sunk, we will make sure you will get all the necessary details on its dimensions.
While you are waiting for the windows to be supplied, you can make sure to provide us with the most important information such as confirming the site location and your contact number, along with other additional information which may help along the way, for example if your road has sufficient access for HGV’s or LGV’s, this can have an effect on the type of vehicle we use to deliver your goods. If you happen to be absent during the items collection time, please let us know as soon as possible so we can rearrange transport.

What would be the price difference between, a standard window 1000 x 1000, and a curved window with the same dimensions?

Curved windows have a few types. The choice of the right style determines the final look of the house. By curved window, also known as radius windows, we understand a window that has a certain profile bending radius, not arched windows. Arched windows are a separate window type, which we also manufacture; they have an arched top. Bay windows can be made as radius windows, or standard straight ones.
Curved windows have bent profiles and curved glazing. We manufacture windows and doors in various systems, including timber, aluminium and steel, so the answer to this question will not be straightforward. Different materials vary in price, but in general, curved windows are more expensive than the standard ones. We will choose together the best system and material for your project, so contact us, and tell us more about the windows you are looking for. The most economical option for your standard bay or oriel bay, would be to use standard window. You can see the example here: LINK.
After you contact us, we will prepare a preliminary quotation based on the information from yourself. The quotations we prepare for our clients are valid for a certain time period, so please bear that in mind. After some time, we will have to recalculate the quote. It is also common that the built openings on your newbuilt site will happen to be slightly different than the architect’s plans.

How to choose the right integral blind mechanism for my windows and doors?

Integral blind mechanisms are chosen according to windows and doors sizes, and types: venetian blinds, roller blinds, and pleated blinds.
There are few mechanisms available, motorized (with internal motor) and manual (cord, knob, removable magnet). There are even options to control the blinds through a downloadable application.

If I were to have the between pane blinds, how much would they effect the U Value of the total window? And also, what are the sizes of the lamellas that can be used?

Interestingly, Integral Sealed Unit blinds are treated as a decorative item such as Georgian bar of lead work is. As such it does not have to be tested. However, assessments carried out point to Integral Blinds playing a positive role by reducing heat loss and solar gain still further depending on whether the blinds are opened or closed. The actual integral blinds frame comes as either aluminium or UVPC depending on whether you require warm edge technology used in manufacture of sealed units that comprise the interstitial blinds.
The size of the lamellas available to chose from can vary depending on the size of the construction, so sometimes, there may not be a huge choice on the sizes. But, generally speaking, we can do 20mm, 22mm, 27mm, 29mm and 32mm, which are available in several colours.

Do you do hidden tracks in your sliding doors? What’s the approximate increase in price from the standard track?

Our sliding doors do have an option of a hidden track. The price difference depends on number of tracks, leaves, and the doors size, so the best course of action will be to contact us with your requirements, which we’ll do our best to match, and produce a quotation from this.

What is the db factor for the best type of acoustic glass you can offer?

The best we can offer holds up to a db property of 51. This is available in both double and triple glazing.

With regards to insurance companies requiring window handles to be key lockable, does this mean that the hidden handle option becomes obsolete for people in the UK?

No. This completely depends on the insurance company you go to for your insurance. We have had a few clients who were rejected insurance, and needed their handles replacing with key-lockable ones. But then we have also had clients who have been able to get insurance with using the hidden handle on their windows – Axa insurance were the group which accepted this.

What is a better option for a window, mirror glass or venetian blinds?

Mirror glass and venetian blinds are two different windows features. While mirror glass has a few options, which can range from part translucence to practically full reflective, the glass is permanent, but venetian blinds can be closed and opened at any time. It is also important to remember, that when inside and the lights are on at night time, people can see in from the outside, making the better option in this circumstance, blinds. The is also an additional option of glazing which could be used, called Privalite. This type of glazing can be changed from transparent to near opaque by means of a remote control.

How can I order? What information should I send you to get the quotation quickest?

Please contact us via email: [email protected] In order to prepare a quotation for you quickly, we will some information: material type (aluminium, timber, steel, other), frame colour, at least rough dimensions, keylock and accessory preferences, vent preferences. If you could also send  other information, photos or plans you have, that would be a huge help. If you are looking for a supply and fit option, please let us know.