IGD Internal glass doors

Internal glass doors are frameless doors installed into the door cavity with a gasket. They function as traditional doors open in one direction: in or out. Fully glazed, frameless doors are used predominantly inside to provide homes with architectural features. They match modern and more traditional designs. Using our doors gives you full creative control over your house.
We offer a wide range of colours and hardware options, also RAL colours are available. For privacy levels you can choose satin or nonsatin glazing, depending on what you are looking for. Frosted glass will be perfect option for reducing the amount of light and to give obscurity to the bathrooms or bedrooms. It will create a more intimate atmosphere. Clear glazing will not reduce the amount of light and will create an illusion of a bigger, more open space.

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  • Material: glass with metal hardware
  • Glass: toughened singleglazed, satin or non-decorative
  • Hardware options: aluminium, stainless steel/INOX, or black matte LOFT
  • Door cavity options: aluminium, stainless steel/INOX, or black matte LOFT, RAL colours
  • Size: To clients needs


Internal Glass Doors